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Always Enalbe Aero with Windows 7 or Vista

How to prevent Windows from disabling Aero

I had the  “feature” of Windows that it turns the GUI back to Basic-Mode if a few 100 windows where open. That was quite annoying . So I came up with the question: How to prevent Windows from disabling Aero? After lots of different trys I was lucky. I hope it’s useful for you. Here comes a little tutorial: Open ... Mehr lesen »

Install Windows 7 to VmWare Workstation

Some of you might still have difficult to use VmWare Workstation. That’s why I had decided some time ago to do a video tutorial. This just shows you how to install Windows 7 on a virtual machine. Settings from the Virtual machine are: 4 Cores CPUs 4096MB RAM 40GB HDD NAT Network interface default screen resolution Video tutorial VmWare If’ve ... Mehr lesen »

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