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Workstation 2 Generation 23 Part II


Unfortunately my workstation got to hot doing 24/7 duty. That’s why I decided earlier this year to cool the CPUs with Water. Well it worked, CPU temperature got down from 78C° full load to 61C°. As you might know many GGPUS Jobs are done with this system. That’s why an upgrade was ordered: 3x Scythe Setsugen 2 SCVSG-2000 2x Zalman ... Mehr lesen »

Dockin Station for the T5010


You might know the cable chaos with mobile computers at home and in the office, If you need them with you all the time… Plugin in and out you PSU and all the other things. I want to have it a bit easyer at home – That’s why the Dockinstation with an extra PSU arrived here. At the left you ... Mehr lesen »

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