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Workstation 2 Generation 23 Part II


Unfortunately my workstation got to hot doing 24/7 duty. That’s why I decided earlier this year to cool the CPUs with Water. Well it worked, CPU temperature got down from 78C° full load to 61C°. As you might know many GGPUS Jobs are done with this system. That’s why an upgrade was ordered: 3x Scythe Setsugen 2 SCVSG-2000 2x Zalman ... Mehr lesen »

MAFRI’s Office Feb 2011


Today I decided it is time for new Office pictures – so many things changed. So here they come: And my new Backoffice: Also I need a beautiful, cute and sexy secretary - because I added a desk for my phone – who just answers the costumers calls. I really super dupa promise to upload soon some more pictures of ... Mehr lesen »

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