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New Office ? Testing

Actually I’m testing a new screen configuration. An old 20″ CRT with 1280×1024 pixel was added. The main problem right now is my chair. All displays are connected to Workstation 2 Generation 23. This are a total of 13,757,400.00 pixel for use! Adding the Laptop screens it will be a total of 15,830,528 pixels. This is even more than 3x ... Mehr lesen »

New CPU FAN for T5010


As you might know my T5010 is about 2 years old. After such long time of everyday use the CPU FAN broke down and was only able to spin around without with noise and really slow. So my CPU got hotter and hotter. That’s way I order a new one. Really expensive such tiny thing. Payed 35 Euros. And here ... Mehr lesen »

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