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Maindesk June 2012

Mainscreen Setup June 2012

Just a little status update how my maindesk looks today: To the left there is a 20″ DELL screen connect with the T900 and to the right a 44″ MEDION full HD TV connected via the acer 4820TG. The screens in the middle are connected to the workstation. The bottom row are 2x 24″ WUXGA screens and the top line ... Mehr lesen »

Battery run forever!


Who wouldn’t love a battery which will run simply forever? I’m close to that ^^ Windows told me 296 hours and 32 minuntes are remaining. Sadly this was a bug Would be to nice to be true. In general the Fujitsu T5010 run for about 7 hours with my general usage. This means CPU load at about 40% at each ... Mehr lesen »

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