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New Office ? Testing

Actually I’m testing a new screen configuration. An old 20″ CRT with 1280×1024 pixel was added. The main problem right now is my chair. All displays are connected to Workstation 2 Generation 23. This are a total of 13,757,400.00 pixel for use! Adding the Laptop screens it will be a total of 15,830,528 pixels. This is even more than 3x ... Mehr lesen »

Hail 2 the King


YEAH! Just recieved an E-mail with the following header: “First Access Club: Get Your Duke Nukem Forever Demo Code Now!” Hrhrhrhrhrhr… The download is running. Steam tells me that in about an hour I’ll be able to play *happy* And I’ve ordered the Balls of Steel edition MAFRI Mehr lesen »

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