A few facts about this little datacenter:

  • 13 real CPUS with a total amount of 54 Cores (HT Cores not included)
  • 80 Memory Dimms with a total capacity of 208GB
  • 44 HDDs and 2 SSD with a raw storage space of 36,5TB
  • 5 internet connections with a total of real 26,9 Mbit downspeed and real 8,4 Mbit upspeed and 7 static IPs as well as 2 dynamic IPs
  • 164 network ports 30 of them are fiber connection and 134 Gigabit RJ45 ports

A little overview of the Servers.

Detailed information about the systems could be found under the picture.

Server Rack

Server rack

Three servers running ESX 4.1 and working together as a cluster with loadbalancing and failover. This cluster has 160GB of memory and 40 CPU cores. The IBM node is running as single Hyper-V server with 24GB of memory and 4 CPU cores. The main storage has a 3U chassis attached to it via SAS for more disk space. Nearly all VMs of the ESX cluster are placed at the main storage SAS RAID arrays and connected via iSCSI. The backup storage server has the oldest hardware but runs fine and power saving.  At the bottom of the rack there are 2 PowerWalker VFI 3000RT LCD Rack running in “LINE” mode.

Last update: April 2013

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