As you might know I work often from home. That’s also a reason why I’ve a datacenter at home. Anyway this is my little home office. Not so popular like the one from @StefanDidak or @Klein2, but this is mine.

View at the main desk in May 2013

View at the main desk in May 2013

What you see here is the main desk. Equipped with multiple Ergotrons with a mixed screen setup. Those are in the middle 4x 21.5″ ASUS with IPS panel and 1080p on the left and right there are 23″ ASUS with IPS panel and 1080p.
All screens are connected to the Workstation2, which you find under the desk.
This machine has got 2x Xeon L5639 ES overclocked at to 2,6Ghz and 48GB RAM. CPU’s are cooled by water. For data it has got a 180GB Intel SSD, 4x 750GB SATA 7k2 running RAID10 installed. It uses the power of 2 Nvidia GeForce 660 Ti and an Creativ X-Fi Titanium.
The Laptop on the right side of the screens is a FSJ T5010 with T900 hardware inside.

Back desk of the home office May 2013

Back desk of the home office May 2013

This is the desk on the backside of the maindesk. It’s a simple two 22″ Samsung screen setup with the old workstation3. This system is an IBM Z Pro equipped with two Xeons 5060 and 16GB of memory and a GeForce 470GTX. For the OS it has a RAID10 build of 4x 147GB 15k SAS disks. And as you might guess a Creative X-Fi sound card.

The little Office corner May 2013

The little Office corner May 2013

This little corner between the main desk and the wall is used as a little office area. There is a Acer 4820TG and a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet with the keyboard case.

View from the door inside the office May 2013

View from the door inside the office May 2013

And finally a view from the door towards the apartment inside the office.

Before you ask – the 44″ 1080p TV is connect to every system so it’s access able from everywhere when needed.

Last update: May 2013


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  • vinci1995mij

    Sieht echt nett aus!

  • Stefan

    Hammer echt !!

  • GreenStorm

    Wo sind denn alle deine 24″er hin?

    • MAFRI

      Dead… just died cause of age…

  • http://twitter.com/asldthgf asldthgf

    sieht ungewohnt sauber aus.. das .. macht mir ehrlich gesagt Angst :<

  • http://twitter.com/klein2 Dennis Klein

    Sehr schick so :) Gefällt mir deutlich besser als die vorherigen Setups!

  • Julrond

    Du musst echt ne Mörder-Stromrechnung haben oO nice is es trotzdem :D

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