Laptops are far more useful than it appears to be. The machines I used and use must be robust and have a long battery life. My first one was a HP nx6310.

Laptop Gen 01

This Laptop was far to heavy to carry all day long, so I decided to buy a tablet computer. A tablet computer in 2006 was something really special.

Laptop Gen 02

As I spend more time not at home or in the Office. There was a need for more performance and a higher resolution. Killer Chris offered his DELL Inspiron 9400. I took that offer.

Laptop Gen 03

Than I needed even more performance but was unwilling to pay 4000 Euros plus for a new Laptop with extreme power. I just got a 4th Laptop.

Laptop Gen 04

To replace the Laptop Gen 01 and the Laptop Gen 02 a ASUS R1E was bought. But this Laptop had so many failures I needed to send it in for RMA twice.

Laptop Gen 05

As I had sold off the Laptop Gen 03 as I wasn’t in needed for it anymore a half year later I needed it again. With limited budget and a DELL mobile workstation far to expensive I bought the MSI GX 600 Extreme a mobile gaming Laptop. Due to many bugs and problems with this machine it was mainly used for gaming.

Laptop Gen 06

Still having the ASUS R1E (Laptop Gen 05) as mobile office and it’s annoying bugs as well as the quite short battery life of just 3 hours. It was clear that a new Laptop as mobile office was needed. I was already in love with the pen input and the option of handwriting. The Toshiba R400 was my choice cause it wasn’t heavy and good looking. That time I had to go by train every day for 3 hours. The R400 sounded just like the right choice.

Laptop Gen 07

One thing I wasn’t aware of at the R400 was it display so dark it was nearly impossible to read anything at a sunny day. It was replaced after just 3 months with a custom ordered IBM X61T. This IBM X61T is still alive and used today by @_EevaLeena_.

Laptop Gen 08

When travelling with the MSI GX600 Extreme (Laptop Gen 06) and the IBM X61T was to heavy I decided to to replace the IBM X61T with a System, which was able to provide more power than the SULV CPU of the IBM could. I bought a Toshiba M750-112 and sold off the MSI GX600 Extreme (Laptop Gen 06.

Laptop Gen 09

But there were some issues with the Toshiba M750-112. It was simply to high with the additional battery attached to it. With a height of more than 10cm it was unusable in tablet mode or good to pack in a bag. As I found a good offer for a Fujitsu T5010 I took it.

Laptop Gen 10

In need for GPU performance and long battery life I decided to buy a second Laptop again. The Laptop of choice was an Acer TimelineX 4820G. The choice was simple. The Acer was quite cheap but offered many features I needed. There are two down sides: A glossy display and it’s not so robust like the other mobile workstations I had.

Laptop Gen 11

As 2011 the mainboard of the Fujitsu T5010 died it was out of warranty. I was still pleased with the power of the T5010 so I decided to repair it. Sadly a new mainboard would cost about 600 Euro plus shipping and taxes. Because of that I started looking for a new Laptop. The Fujitsu T901 or T900 would fit me perfect and I would be able to continue using the dock and PSUs as well as secondary batteries. Looking more and more at pictures of the T900 and T901 I figured that the T900 is using the same body as the T5010. So a plan was made to upgrade the T5010 to a T900 because a T900 mainboard only cost half the price of a T5010 mainboard. I decided a general overhauling of the T5010. Adding a Touchscreen and a WWAN card which supports GPS. About 800 Euros later I had upgraded the T5010 to a T900.

Laptop Gen 12

Last Update: June 2013

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