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  • Ferien

    Ja es sind Ferien! Und genau aus diesem Grund, wird das nächste Update auf sich warten lassen Anfang...

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    Machine translation FTW

    You know I dislike all this App shit… They should just write full program’s for all thos...

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    Stress up your System

    You know stress? I had a lot of it the last days. First my Workstation 2 failed. Then a 1TB drive at...

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    The Beauty of Space

    The beauty of space, you know when you stand outside at a cold night and look up to the stars and yo...

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    This Elcomsoft Archive Password Recovering Software is really nice. You can use Brute Force Or a use...

Always Enalbe Aero with Windows 7 or Vista

How to prevent Windows from disabling Aero

I had the  “feature” of Windows that it turns the GUI back to Basic-Mode if a few 100 windows where open. That was quite annoying . So I came up with the question: How to prevent Windows from disabling Aero? After lots of different trys I was lucky. I hope it’s useful for you. Here comes a little tutorial: Open ... Mehr lesen »

After a few months with Cloud..

few month after private cloud

After a few month of with the private cloud I still love it. But also lot’s of work to do. First a third storage server will be attached due to IO problems with the old ones. Also many other things changed – like my office etc. Will update the office page also soon. Overlooked my cloud and many VMs and ... Mehr lesen »

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