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  • The 3p1c battle between me (the good one) and Chrissi (the prey) ICQ-Chat Part #2

    [22:33] MAFRI: ja ja [22:33] MAFRI: wenigsten siehst du es ein das du einfach nur armutszeugniss für...

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    NYX class supercarrier – FINALLY!

    So finally I boarded a Nyx. After months of waiting to get it build and afterwards canceling the pro...

  • Starting with blogging…

    Well, this will be my temporary blog until I get all A and MX records change to my local server here...

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    The Flame to Mr.Testdrive aka Chrissi

    Well this bastard called me gay! Unbelievable, huh? So I painted a letter for him – know he wi...

  • Back to blogging

    Hi, I’ve though of starting again to blog about IT stuff But first of all may I introduce you ...

Is it already Xmas?

Tons of packages

Is it already Xmas? The last days a ton of packages arrived. Most of them are still closed due to lack of time. As happy as I was and though that Xmas has come early this year – as fast the truth got me back to ground as I discovered a bill in each of it. At the weekend also ... Mehr lesen »

Datacenter cooling upgrade

Window Fan Tristar VE-5933

Blue skies and temperatures above 25C° outside – finally its summer over here. After the winter upgrades of the datacenter it was getting much hotter and some CPUs where at nearly 65C° idle and on load at 72C°. First step to fix this cooling issue, was powering down redundancy system. After that going to the nearest hardware store and buy ... Mehr lesen »

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