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    The miracle of childbirth

    After a horrible and funny night out at clubs with KillerChris and his friends he told us how he thi...

  • Sich ausdrücken können.. NATOALPHABET

    Ja sich ausdrücken können und oder Buchstabieren zu können ist doch echt eine Herausforderung. Wenn ...

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    Steaks, Sun and Flames

    Yes it’s spring. And this is why I reopend the barbecue season for this year. Well there was s...

  • Private cloud – based on which OS?

    Private cloud? But how to do it? Let’s begin with the hardware: VServer1 is a 4U server with 4×...

  • Gesammelte Werke…

    Hier entsteht ein neuer Blog. In diesem will ich auf Dauer all meine Blogs zusammenführen. Aktuell b...

Is it already Xmas?

Tons of packages

Is it already Xmas? The last days a ton of packages arrived. Most of them are still closed due to lack of time. As happy as I was and though that Xmas has come early this year – as fast the truth got me back to ground as I discovered a bill in each of it. At the weekend also ... Mehr lesen »

Datacenter cooling upgrade

Window Fan Tristar VE-5933

Blue skies and temperatures above 25C° outside – finally its summer over here. After the winter upgrades of the datacenter it was getting much hotter and some CPUs where at nearly 65C° idle and on load at 72C°. First step to fix this cooling issue, was powering down redundancy system. After that going to the nearest hardware store and buy ... Mehr lesen »

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