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Building an HA Storage Cluster

A scetch of the idea behind the HA Storage Cluster.

Having a primary Storage Server 1 and a secondary Storage Server 2 is not so bad. But what if the primary storage fails? It means lots of work and possible a little (less than 4h in my case) data loss. That’s why an HA Storage Cluster should be build. There are many options to do so. Usually an HA Storage ... Mehr lesen »

Internet via Satellite – Testing SkyDSL 20 / 6 Mbit Flat L

sat dish

To increase the total bandwidth and having a faster way for offside backups and communication. The decision was made to test skyDSL 20Mbit down and 6Mbit up Flat L. This is a flat rate connection which offers up to 20 Mbit downstream and 6 Mbit upstream. This bandwidth is achieved by using a bi-directional satellite uplink. Another nice feature this ... Mehr lesen »

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