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    Memory upgrade for some Servers

    Well the Storage Server 2 run out of RAM – so I order 2GB extra – now it has 7GB. And fo...

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    Reconfigured the cables at the rack… 2.0

    Well today, a HP Pro Curve found it’s way to my Office Will order some new pink cables for the...

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    Got some APCs

    Got new stuff again.. 2x 1000VA APC USV 1x 750VA APC USV But I need new cells for them – order...

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    HP P800

    I’ve decided to use HP P800 SAS Controllers for the HA Storage Cluster. There are several reas...

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    Maindesk June 2012

    Just a little status update how my maindesk looks today: To the left there is a 20″ DELL scree...

HP P400

HP P400 without Cache

As secondary Controller for the HA Storage Cluster systems I’ve ordered two HP Smart Array P400 SAS RAID Controllers. Primary controller in each system will be a HP P800. The reason for the P400 was simple. This controller is used by many people outside of HP systems and has been tested very well. Another nice point is that the P400 ... Mehr lesen »

Supermicro SC-836TQ-R800B

Supermicro SC836

Supermicro’s SC-836TQ-R800B chassis features a highly optimized design. The chassis is equipped with a redundant high-efficiency 800 Watt power supply. High-performance fans provide ample optimized cooling for memory modules and 16 hot-swap drive bays for SAS / SATA offer maximum storage capacity in a 3U form factor. General Specifications Manufacturer SuperMicro Manufacturer Part # CSE-836TQ-R800B Product Description Supermicro SC-836TQ-R800B – ... Mehr lesen »

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