Monatliches Archiv: Juni 2013

Building an HA Storage Cluster Part 01

SAS HDDs 300GB 15k

So next parts arrived for the HA Storage Cluster. A bunch of 15k SAS disk with 300GB capacity. And a case which will host one storage unit. The Supermicro SC836 will do the perfect job. Mehr lesen »

HP P800

HP P800 with 512MB cache and two BBU's

I’ve decided to use HP P800 SAS Controllers for the HA Storage Cluster. There are several reasons why the HP P800 was picked. It supports many online management features like: Online Capacity Expansion, Online RAID LEVEL Migration, Online Stripe Size Migration, Online Spares (Global) and User Selectable Expand and Rebuild Priority. Other features like NCQ, Dual Domain Support and of ... Mehr lesen »

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