Internet via Satellite – Testing SkyDSL 20 / 6 Mbit Flat L

To increase the total bandwidth and having a faster way for offside backups and communication. The decision was made to test skyDSL 20Mbit down and 6Mbit up Flat L. This is a flat rate connection which offers up to 20 Mbit downstream and 6 Mbit upstream. This bandwidth is achieved by using a bi-directional satellite uplink. Another nice feature this connection comes with a static IP address.

sat dish

First thing to do was to get the sat dish mounted on the wall and pointed in the exact right direction. this is a question of millimeters.

ViaSat RM4100

The quite strange looking ViaSat RM4100 Modem. It’s getting really hot. I hope that won’t be an issue soon.

Here is a screenshot from the modems GUI, showing the signal strength.

Modem IFL Cable Status

The TRIA gets quite hot even with only about 10C° outside.

TRIA Status

First bandwidth testing had the outcome of about 18Mbit to 20Mbit, pretty much equal what the status page of the providers shows. Upload was even faster than 6Mbit usually between 6Mbit and 7Mbit. Sadly the common Internet speed test portals are showing  different values or won’t work. I assume that this is cause with from the high latency with an average value of 700 ms.

Bandwidth testing

To get the actual real speed a fast debain mirror was picked and downloading all DVD images at a time and on the left uploading a BackTrack 5 image to a webserver which has 100Mbit connection to the Internet.  Looking than at the 2.54% usage of of the NIC it should be clear that it’s nearly the speed they promised.

I’ll evaluate this option for a month. They promised, different from all other bi-direction satellite providers, no fair use policy no traffic limits nor port restrictions or traffic sharping. Here is a ton of data which would like to get on the offside backup servers  as well as a ton of data which would like to be backuped from the offside servers. This could give a good average bandwidth and connectivity graph after 30 days. Than I’ll defiantly report who it worked  and if this connection will be kept.

So far I’m impress of the connectivity clear sky or a thunderstorm are about 80ms difference in latency and about 5 to 10% in bandwidth.


  • Sophie Schröder

    ehm .. LAN Parteeey? >;)

    • MAFRI

      naa not with that ping :D guess your connection is far better madame Wunderland ;) I should come over :D

      • Sophie Schröder

        ouhja see u soon :P

  • vinci1995mij

    Ist es stabil also keine Aussetzer?

  • http://twitter.com/pr0j3ctx pr0j3ctx

    Hi. Nutzt du alle Internet Verbindungen separat oder führst du diese zusammen über z.B. VPN zu einem root und die tun devices dann in einem Bonding?

    • MAFRI

      getrennt mit lastenverleitund, je nachservices manches aber auch nur fix auf eine gebunden ;)

  • mandoa

    Hallo Mafri, updates zum Skydsl? Alles wie versprochen?

  • xchris

    We’re trying to discuss about tooway performance in this forum http://www.toowaysupport.net
    Someone has good performance, other hasn’t.

  • Noo Pie

    Hello! I was wondering, did you ever get to writing a final impression? Me (and probably more people) are interested in an objective view on this provider!

    • Dave

      Are you a SkyDSL customer?

  • Eva

    STAY AWAY from skydsl.eu The service they offer is not even close to unlimited, and the terms of the contract are not respected. I tested them and managed to get my account “blocked” on a very low speed internet.. When I contacted them about it, the answer was that I used to much of the internet. I asked them how it is possible, when they advertise it as unlimited, with no fair use policy whatsoever. The suggestion from them was to “upgrade” to a bigger package… and pay about 250 euros a month. When I confronted them about the contract terms and the unusable speed the internet turned into, I was simply dismissed. Now I am in dispute with them, trying to recover my initial investment. I would have stayed with them, with a smaller package, to have it as a backup internet, but I was again told to pay 50 euros more just to change the account type. So if you want good for yourself, STAY AWAY from skydsl. I have all the screenshoots, emailing and prove everything.

    • Dave

      Yep, that’s my experience as well. I’ve done tests throughout the day and the profiler throttles back the service to zero after 80MB download, so it doesn’t matter what speed they advertise. The only way to download a file larger than 80MB is constantly restart the modem or wait until about 1 o’clock at night. When I challenged SkyDSL over this they told me I could piss-off it I didn’t like it. So, if anyone would like to join me in testing their connection, I have started compiling a file to send to the European Consumer Rights ombudsman.

    • Leobianca Vanbokstel

      hello , i can not agree with the things you tell us. i have been a customer for some time now , even rented static ip . runnig 2 servers (1 running a radio stream the other apache) and my home network without any problem .. i must say i only get 17mbit down and 5.3 mbits up but never any problem .. reacently my mac updated yosimite , an update download of 1.3 gigs , no problems at all .. i am not experiancing these problems and i live in spain …

      • Leobianca Vanbokstel

        i am gonne take this back , the sh*T is horrable .. .. non usable anymore.
        a few days after writing the prev. message the problems started. Thay are rude and try to sell me a bussenis package to resolve the problem … i am curantly gathering evidance of the problems and plan to go to court with it.

  • Denis

    SkyDSL offers you an email address: xxx@skyemail.net, using POP3 / port 110 and SMTP / port 25. The problem is that you have to use a mail program like Thunderbird or Ourlook to open your mails. When you travel alot, you will find out that most ISP now are blocking port 25 to avoid spams and you have to use port 587. Thus, you still can read your emails, but it is impossible to send emails.
    I have sent more that 20 messages to the Customer Service of SkyDSL, it seems that whatever language you use, there answers have always nothing to do with your request. Their Customer Services is triple zero ! You try to explain the problem, they DON’T CARE, sometimes you have to repeat your request over weeks to have an answer that is the more stupid I have read. Very disapointed about that. So for the last 2 months, I have been sending messages to them and up to now, no solution.
    Also, with SkyDSL, do not expect to be able to listen to a radio station for more than 10 minutes or be able to make a flight reservations or have a long conversation with Skype. The links always shut-down. SkyDSL is a nightmare for me. Better luck with Tooway ? Need your advices. Thanks.

    • Tombozi

      A VPN connection is a pretty simple solution.

      • Ms. Dangermousse

        Obviously, you haven’t worked on any large networks. Which doesn’t surprise me considering that I conned you into believing that I was a nutty stupid unintelligent female IT pro with absolutely no network engineering experience. I’m still dying laughing over that one. You really should stay away from calling people names. It would make you appear far more intelligent than you actually are – except that you and your buddies seem to remove any comments that you don’t like. I fully expect you to remove this comment too.

  • Dave

    Please join me in gathering evidence against this company. You need to record a download of around 300MB during the day using something like Internet Download Manager where you can see how much is downloading and the speed. Reset your Tooway modem before starting and then watch to see if the download rate drops – don’t worry – it won’t take long with this service! Make a note of the time/speed/file size then pause the download and reset your modem. When you have Internet again, resume your download. My experience was a regular 80MB maximum before the service drops to zero, which is in contravention of the SkyDSL contract of no restriction on download speed here: Fair-Use-Policy

    The Internet access will be provided without a transferred data volume based limitation of
    transmission speed.

    Don’t try contacting SkyDSL about this because they will tell you to f**k off if you don’t like it.


    • Mario

      Hi Dave,
      I am also SKYDSL client in Italy an experience the same crap and BS responses from the customer service. Please let me know what i need to do to join you. It will be good if we manage to do a Class Action against this unethical company.

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