Back to blogging

I’ve though of starting again to blog about IT stuff ;)
But first of all may I introduce you to my little friend?

my little cat

My little sweety

Picked her up from the street – she was a homeless cat back than but since 6 months she has become my little assistant.

I’m planing a post a week – hope that will work out.


  • Patrick

    Cute cat! Do you gave her already a name?

    • MAFRI

      sure ;) actually she is 5 years old as I found out and her name is Xena – she’s a real good girl – not causing any trouble and totally brave

      • Patrick

        =D great name
        I’ll gonna come around to say hi when I come back. Booked already my ticket home. 24th of june is the date.

        • MAFRI

          nice – will be more than happy to see you again

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