Private Cloud 1.0

My private cloud just started. May I introduce you to my new friends?

Temporary Setup until the mounting rails arrive

Temporary Setup until the mounting rails arrive

Right now I’m still waiting for the mounting rails so they are hooked up with small pieces of wood. If I pack them on top of each other the PSUs are getting too hot. So now there is space between every system so the air can flow easily just threw the rack. The result of is – no system gets problems with too hot PSUs.

This little cloud has got plenty of power as well as HA and Failover capability.

vCenter Screenshot: Cluster overview

vCenter Screenshot: Cluster overview

Actually I’m still configuring the virtual machine that’s why the workload isn’t that huge… And there are manny of services to configure and or to set up.

vCenter Screenshot: Cluster Workload

vCenter Screenshot: Cluster Workload

As you can see from the screenshots I’ve chosen VMware as the host operating system for my private cloud. The cloud is based on 5 servers. Two IBM X3455 and tree Dell SC1435 II.

IBM X3455

  • 2x Opteron 2222SE
  • 12x 2048MB DDR2 ECC .reg 667Mhz CL5
  • 2x 750GB S-ATA II
  • 2x onb. Broadcom GbE and 1x PCIe X1 Broadcom GbE


Dell SC1435 II

  • 2x Opteron 2222SE
  • 4x 2048MB DDR2 ECC .reg 667Mhz CL5 and 4x 1024MB DDR2 ECC .reg 667Mhz CL5
  • 2x 73GB SAS 15k connected to a Dell Perc at RAID1
  • 2x onb. Broadcom GbE


And there is also another Server which is also running ESX and is connected to the vCenter. This machine is a self-build system based on Supermicro components. It’s a X7BSi-LN4 with an extra PCI-X Intel Dualport GbE NIC and two 250GB SATA II hard disks. This ESX is used to run the virtual Astaro 8.2 appliances. Maybe I’ll even switch the Netscealer vApp also to this host.
After the HP 1814-24G switch failed, I replaced it with two Netgears and they are nearly fully used. So If I want to upgrade the servers again I have to think also about upgrading the switches.

Patching at the server rack

Patching at server rack

If you would like to know more about this little private cloud feel free to leave a comment and ask me and if you would like to see more pictures just follow this link to flickr.


  • Derrick Ivery

    Wow, just wow, dude.
    Trying to not sound dumb here.
    I am wondering what would be a good starter system for a nob learning about virtualization?
    A quad Intel, a six core AMD? I have been reading various forums without a definitive answer. It really seems as though you know what you are doing.

    • MAFRI

      A simple Quadcore, Intel preferred with 16 to 32GB of memory and like 4 harddrives running RAID10 so you get enough IO

  • S_aleck911

    Very impressive!
    I’m just now trying to learn and perhaps start my own private cloud.  I’m working for a non-profit organization and founds are extremely limited.  The organization has about 60 volunteers who each bring their  personal laptop to the office, needless to say; troubleshooting is very difficult because we don’t really have administrative rights to their personal computers (understandably so).  What would it take to set up a “cloud Server”, and have each volunteer run a virtual operating system from a web browser, and have the user’s files stored in the server?
    thanx Mafri my e-mail is s_aleck911@hotmail:disqus .com

    • MAFRI

      I read this far toooo late
      depending on the needs but an infrastructure like this isn’t cheap to set up

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  • sims1024

    wie ich sehe bin ich nicht der einzige der mit dem HP 1810G schrott zu kämpfen hat.
    darf ich fragen was an deinem hinüber war/ist?

    • http://mafri.ws MAFRI

      Nun ja. .. Den 1810g habe ich ausgemustert unf sowas kommt nicht nochmal ins Rack!

    • MAFRI

      Der hat einfach nichtmehr gewohllt ;) durchgebrannt wohl unter der Last.

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