More disk space..

The storage servers receiving upgrades. First the RAID6 at the backup storage(storage2) will be changed to RAID5. This provides about 1,5TB extra storage. Cause it’s a backup server there is no problem at all with a downgrade from RAID6 to RAID5.Highpoint webinterface

Then 6x 2TB 7k2 S-ATA HDDs have been ordered for upgrading the main Storage1. This will change the actuell RAID6 from 4TB to 8TB. Actually there are 1TB Seagate ES HDD build in this servers. But after about 3 years 24/7 heavy use – on after another brakes down… They need to be replaced.

Last 5 of the 1TB Seagate ES drives will end up in V-Server1. They will replace the 250GB Seagate ES.


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