Monatliches Archiv: September 2011

Private cloud – based on which OS?

Private cloud? But how to do it? Let’s begin with the hardware: VServer1 is a 4U server with 4×2,2Ghz Ouadcore Opterons ( socket F, 38GB DDR2 ECC reg. memory and a Highpoint 3220 SATA RAID Controller with 6x 1TB and 2x 250GB ( all hot swap ). 2x onboard NIC’s, a quad port Intel NIC and a dual port Intel ... Mehr lesen »

More disk space..


The storage servers receiving upgrades. First the RAID6 at the backup storage(storage2) will be changed to RAID5. This provides about 1,5TB extra storage. Cause it’s a backup server there is no problem at all with a downgrade from RAID6 to RAID5. Then 6x 2TB 7k2 S-ATA HDDs have been ordered for upgrading the main Storage1. This will change the actuell ... Mehr lesen »

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