Battery run forever!

Who wouldn’t love a battery which will run simply forever? I’m close to that ^^ Windows told me 296 hours and 32 minuntes are remaining.

Battery T5010 269h

Sadly this was a bug :( Would be to nice to be true. In general the Fujitsu T5010 run for about 7 hours with my general usage. This means CPU load at about 40% at each core and 4GB memory in use. I think that is pretty good. Luckly I’ve got a joker, a second second battery. This extendes the worktime on the road to about 10 hours.

And sometimes windows is really strange, telling me 0% battery remaning and keep running for up to an hour…

Battery T5010 0h

Battery T5010 0h

In the end I’ve to say: “Sorry even I haven’t got a solution for inity power yet – sadly.”


  • http://twitter.com/_nolife NoLife

    Oh, you really turned on “Energiesparmodus” as your battery reached 0%? Wow!

    • MAFRI

      sure :D it was about time

  • http://www.mysha.de/ Stefan H.

    Sounds like the typical windows clock:
    - If you want to copy something, the timer says it needs five hours, but it finishes after some minutes.
    - If you install a new windows, it says 100% of the installation is finished, but it still needss to hours before it reboots

    • MAFRI

      yep true

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