NYX class supercarrier – FINALLY!

So finally I boarded a Nyx. After months of waiting to get it build and afterwards canceling the produce job at my old alliance and one deal which was impossible to fulfill – I’ve got onboard of this nice shiny ship. Hell yeah!
Tyrfing 1
I also want to thank Grendell, who did the 3rd Party for this transfer, for his simple and fast work.
It’s an amazing feeling sitting in a Supercarrier class ship. Well everything got disadvantages, but in this case I could accept them. Meaning for example you aren’t able to dock anymore – but there are plenty of advantages for changing from a Thanatos to Nyx. As you might guess from flickr I’ve two Capital PVP Pilots. At the old screen shots you could see them flying two Thanatos by doing dual boxing. The other character is skilling towards an Eberus. Hopefully one day I can field by doing dual boxing a Supercarrier and a Titan. Anyway I think for the next time a Nyx and a Thannatos should be more than most players were doing. Sometimes I even triple or quad box ^^.
Two days after I’ve got on board the first operation started. This was an unplanned OP. Just want to log as somebody screamed in Teamspeak:”They are undocking a Chimera and aggressing me!” – “Do you’ve got a cyno over here?” Unfortunately my nearest Cyno was about 15 jumps out. So after a few seconds somebody in TS said that he has a Cyno over there. Fleet invitations were maid etc. Unfortuanly the Cyno was out of Liquid Ozone and had to jump out of the system and back in. They baited the Chimeras long enough.
When the light was on I jump in and locked the first Chimera. Launched the FBs and send them on him. Sadly there was another Chimera in space sending shield transfers. So both of them could dock after deaggressing.
Anyway the local after the hotdrop was nice – they really shit their pants and hopefully won’t engange us in battleships with carriers.
Mantis 1
Now after about a weeks with the NYX I’ve made about 40 killmails, most of them are structures but there are also two Thanatos on the list.

If you like to see more, you will find it flickr in the Nyx Supercarrier
Fly safe

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