New Office ? Testing

Actually I’m testing a new screen configuration. An old 20″ CRT with 1280×1024 pixel was added. The main problem right now is my chair. All displays are connected to Workstation 2 Generation 23. This are a total of 13,757,400.00 pixel for use! Adding the Laptop screens it will be a total of 15,830,528 pixels. This is even more than 3x 30″ screens ( with 2560×1600 ) – such a configuration would have only 12,288,000.00 pixels.

Sadly my chair broke down and so I’m using again an old one, which is really uncomfortable.

I’ve made a quick photo how it looks like right now:

Office test change June 2011

Office test change June 2011

If you’ve some good ideas for a good and cheap chair – tell them!

  • Sebastian Halbig

    You’re crazy! But I like it :D

  • http://twitter.com/klein2 Dennis Klein

    CRT? Hmmmmmmmm… you should come around and pickup one of my Samsung 22″ I’ve laying around in the basement…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah something I should do! Well what about in 2-3 weeks ?

  • Dj-demola

    Very Crazy but i love it ;)

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