Stress up your System

You know stress?

I had a lot of it the last days. First my Workstation 2 failed. Then a 1TB drive at the one storage server failed..

Well the balance of the last days is:

  • 1 Seagate ES 7200 1TB HDD
  • 1 Intel SDD 80GB Postville
  • 1 ODD LG DVD-Writer
  • 2 4GB Kingston DDR2 ECC reg. 667Mhz

All are found damaged after a check up. Hope RMA won’t take to long.
Had to install Win 7 Pro x64 about 3 times on the Workstation because it took houers to figure out, that one SSD and ODD were broken. Well in the end everything is running fine again.

So here comes the revenge – I put the system under massive stress:
Screenshot of the Stresstest

Everything runs fine. And after 24h testing I think the machine is fine too.
And here you can see the actuall configuration of the System:
Screenshot of the systemconfig
See all computers belonging to my BOINC:Computers belonging to MAFRI


  • Bloody

    Awesome rig you got ther :D

    Greets, Bloody

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