Replaced the defect 1TB ES @the RAID5 @ESXi

Today a repaired Seagate ES 1TB found the way towards my Office.
Seagate ES 1TB Label

And here comes a video of the replacing:


  • Thomas

    Hey Mafri,
    hope you can help me out with this issue:
    I have two Samsung HD103SJ connected to an Adaptec 5805 but the controller does not detect them. Firmware is at current version, drives solely connected to the mainboards SATA ports do work fine.
    What kind of cable do you use? I have a miniSAS SFF-8087 to 4x SATA fan out cable.

    Thanks for your help!


    Hey Thomas,
    I use the Supermicro Cables, will look their number up and send them to you.
    This are 8x Cables.


  • Thomas

    That would be fine, thanks! Do you know if there are SAS-to-SATA cables that are crossed and not crossed?

    I think, yours is the one here:
    CBL-0116L IPASS to 4 SATA Cross-over Cable, 50cm, Pb-free

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