Spring and Flowers

Spring everywhere,

I can’t really believe it. Flowers starting to grow and the animals behave like it’s spring. The first flowers come out of the ground pushing thier leaves and floral towards the sun. Maybe you remember just two weeks ago we had snow and tempretures from -10C° at night to +5C° at daytime. And right now we have +12C° at night and at daytime up to +16C°. Amazing! After tree and a half month with snow and ice, the sommer really could come.

Here are some nice pictuers of my garden:

Photos from MAFRI's flickr

Photos from MAFRI's flickr

If you like to see some more visit the album Spring 2010.

And even the animels behave like it’s spring.

Photos from MAFRI's flickr

I also made two spring wallapers in WUXGA..

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