Spring-cleaning ^^

As posted before – working is a bit difficult with my system until the upgrade hardware arrives.

That’s why I decided to clean up the mess here.

5 hours later I finished the first step. Everything is cheerful know. Tomorrow or maybe later this place will be moped up. And the dishes from lunch and dinner were still waiting for the wash up…

So here are a few pictures. The Office got tree new Desks. A huge huge to Sappy and her family for those.

Let’s Start with the Office:



All new and old pictures of my office can be found here: The Office @flickr

The next place was the chill out area and the kitchen table. Well because Gorden is death ): I need to get his bird prison out of my place.



All other new and old pictures of my home can be found here:Sweet Home @flickr

The final turn was to clean up the server room. I moved the shelf and placed a desk on the back wall.#1


As written before… here the link to all RACK pictures:

The Serverroom @flickr

Hope you enjoy it.MAFRI 

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