Router Chaos…


Last Thursday my old Router went offline.

That’s why I really needed an alternative way for connecting to the INTERNET.

Frist try was to virtualized ClearOs on the Dell PowerEdge 2560. It runs only with massive networks problems. Maybe it dislikes all the VMWare Adapters..

The Second try was Edian Community Edition. It runs much faster but was unable to connect..

So I decided to order a hardware solution. First I ordert an TP-LINK Multi-Wan Router, which should arrive on Saturday but no package found it*s way towards my office..

Monday and Mailserver downtime  around 3 days. Thats why I ordered an other hardware solution. Express shipping etc.

Today morning it finally arrived.

So here comes my new router / gateway.


It’s a nice DrayTek 3300V Vigor MultiService Security VoIP Router.

The webmanagemant is easy to handle and filled up with features.

At the end I just have to say I think this 500 Euros were spend for a good solution.

If you like to view more pictures here is the LINK: More Draytek pictures @flickr


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