Monatliches Archiv: Februar 2010

The beautiful moon again


Sometimes I feel a bit like a lonely wolf, if I’m outside and there is just the moon and I. But I could finish the shooting because clouds came up.. The other new moon pictures you can view @flickr: Moon FEB 2010 @flickr MAFRI Mehr lesen »

But WTF is this..?


I’m copying stuff over network but actually it won’t work the way I would prefer.. So I’ll reinstall my Os tomorrow.. and use a different hard-disk configuration. Thought this way: 1x Intel SSD for OS 1x Intel SSD for VMs 1x Seagate 147GB 15k SAS for VMs 1x Seagate 147GB 15k for programs and applications 2x Seagte 250GB 7,2k at ... Mehr lesen »

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