Tägliches Archiv: 01/13/2010

How to dry your clothes without the machine?


Well, the day before I was a wise man and put the clothes I*ll need the next morning in the washing machine… I woke up took a look at my cleaned but wet clothes. Thought just put them into the laundry dryer and everything will be fin after a shower. Ops my fault –  this damn thing is damaged again.. ... Mehr lesen »

The 3p1c battle between me (the good one) and Chrissi (the prey) ICQ-Chat Part #2

[22:33] MAFRI: ja ja [22:33] MAFRI: wenigsten siehst du es ein das du einfach nur armutszeugniss für uns bist [22:33] Chrissi: rofl [22:34] Chrissi: klappe dahinten! [22:34] MAFRI: eh ruhe da [22:34] Chrissi: ich geb dir gleich arcsdhkopf^^ [22:34] Chrissi: *arsch [22:35] MAFRI: und ich geb dir gleich presskopf [22:35] MAFRI: ähm presscott [22:35] Chrissi: geh in den north wood.. ... Mehr lesen »

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