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Reconnects with ADSL

“Your internet uplink DSL Lane 1 is down! There are now 2 uplink interfaces up and 1 uplink interface down.” System Uptime 28 days 0 hours 58 minutes And 1 second after the first Mail. I receive this mail: “Your internet uplink DSL Lane 1 is up again! There are now 3 uplink interfaces up and 0 uplink interfaces down……” ... Mehr lesen »

The Flame to Mr.Testdrive aka Chrissi

the flame to mr testdrive aka chrissi

Well this bastard called me gay! Unbelievable, huh? So I painted a letter for him – know he will know how tricky i*ll be.. Hope he understands  his 3p13 f1al.     Greetings MAFRI Mehr lesen »

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